Shadow Fight 3 isn’t just a video game; it’s also a display of art and impressive Asian design that could be an inspiration for artists.

Although the word “art” is generally pictured as a painting, a poem, and an infrastructure design, it’s actually more than that. Anything that is a product of the human imagination and human creative skills is art, which means a video game like Shadow Fight 3 is also an art. In fact, it could be more artistic than what we think.

Short Background


For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Shadow Fight 3 is a role-playing fighting game which allows gamers to fight enemies that differ in abilities. The battles become more and more difficult after a few rounds, and the bosses are stronger over time. Its previous edition didn’t allow players to customize their avatar, but this time, gamers can select their character’s hairstyle, hair color, and face type. Shadow Fight 3 introduced shadow powers, which are more exciting now.

The game is one challenging pastime that trains players to think and react quickly. To win, one should have a useful set of moves against his opponent.

The Art Behind It


If you look at the game in an artistic perspective, you’ll see that the graphics and effects are way better than Shadow Fight 2. It’s more 3D, HD, and real. The overall visuals of the game have improved a lot—it’s almost like a whole different game. And because of the enhanced graphics, players felt more thrilled and stimulated to play. It’s proof that art can change the way people are entertained.

The game could even be an inspiration for those who want to draw, paint, or design armor, helmet, weapons, and ancient surroundings. Really, it’s an impressive representation of human creativity.

Creativity to the Next Level


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