color splashed art

Conor Harrington

Conor is a young contemporary artists. He works on walls moving from country to country to spread out his masterpieces. His style shows excellent brush work, drip painting, unfinished imagery, and abstract imagery. His skills in painting could deliver anything he has in mind.

Conor Harrington wall painting

Kour Pour

His art is inspired by Persian carpet. His style is colorful and entertaining, he uses a number of techniques such as silkscreen painting, use of broomsticks, and sanding. He is very meticulous on every masterpieces. One masterpiece could take months to finish. But after the hard work, he produced best visuals you could see in the art world.

kour pour work
source: pinterest

Lucien Smith

He never fails to blow our minds with his art work. Smith is a painter and a sculptor, his age will surprise you if you consider how much his works cost in auctions. He is under 30 but already considered to be a superstar of contemporary art.

Lucien Smith wall art

Daniel Arsham

This artist became a big thing for the last ten years. He deserved all the attention because he never fails to introduce us new approach to contemporary art. He mixes architecture and sculpture and many other elements of arts. His masterpieces will surely make you asking questions.

Daniel Arsham work gallery