Reading books

Sketch! The Non-Artist’s Guide to Inspiration, Technique, and Drawing Daily Life by France Belleville-Van Stone

The book for people who love to sketch. He dares everyone to use their imagination and disregard the limitations in art. Through his book he expressed how sketching helped him with day-to-day struggles.

Draw Paint Print Like Great Artists by Marion Deuchars

Reading the book lets you engage in drawing activities to encourage inspiration and creativity. It’s like reading Marion’s brain and adapting her style of drawing. Her book is very practical and easy to follow. We recommend this book to anyone who wants to start their career as an artists.

A Separate Cinema: The First 100 Years of Black Poster Art by John Duke Kisch

John Duke Kisch compiles poster from different time lines. Readers could see how black posters change over the years. His book shows cultural history and beautiful images from different sources. Art world consider this book a gem that records note worthy creations.

Pen & Ink by Wendy MacNaughton and Isaac Fitzgerald

Every tattoo lovers out there would agree that every tattoos hold meaning. This book is a great source of meanings in every tattoos. They also featured different personalities, their lives, and their reasons for choosing their tattoos. This book teaches how to create art with meaning.